The Best Farmers Markets in San Diego

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If you've never been to a Farmer's Market in San Diego, you are missing out.    It's fun, healthy, the people are awesome, pet friendly, and entertaining.

In visitors own words, Check out the 10 Best in San Diego Farmers Markets

1. Hillcrest Farmers Market:  “Wonderful variety of fresh fruits, veggies, bakery items, merchandise, as well as prepared foods and drinks for lunch.”

2. Little Italy Mercato:  "Such a fun experience!! Have your walking shoes on too because this farmers market is Big!  Some of my favorite stands are the Green Fix, Maya's Cookies, Avocado Toast, and Jackie's Jams! Get the Raspberry jam at Jackie's it's amazing and I promise you will never go back to Smuckers again! There is also a row of food/lunch stands which I didn't get to enjoy since I was there in the morning. So grab your loved one, pick up some coffee, and get lost in this delightful market!"

3. Ocean Beach Farmers Market:  "Definitely one of the best farmers markets in San Diego.  I look forward to it every Wednesday and everyone turns out for it.  Not only is it a great place to buy your produce but also to pick up a good meal, jewelry, clothes, knick knacks, plants, clothes, and support your local businesses!"

4. La Jolla Open Aire Farmer’s Market:  "I really enjoy this farmers market. The only downfall is that it is very difficult to find parking. You either need to get there at the beginning of the day or right before they close.  They have a very good selection of produce, flowers, plants and crafts (pricey). They also have a great selection of food to buy. The area is very clean and everyone there is super friendly.

5. Liberty Public Market:  "I am a huge fan of the food hall concept (similar to a food court), ( which this is in my opinion versus a market like a farmers market or grocery) food halls are like glorified food courts but better. So much better.  You get a whole bunch of vendors (restaurants, bars, cheese shops, ice cream, crafts, etc) all in one place where they can really showcase their specialties."

6. Linda Vista Farmers Market:   "Small farmers market, but the prices are cheaper than North Park & Downtown. I stopped by briefly and got some Avocados and strawberries. Not to mention I got a tall glass of Mexican fruit drink for $3, Super cheap!!! Lots of parking"

7. Mira Mesa Farmer's Market:  "I specifically came to visit a nursery vendor as I was told that they carry mini cactus in 1" and 4" pots. I was looking for one cactus in particular, not sure of its name, but they were only $2.00. You can see the picture I upload. They offer a great variety of vertical and horizontal growers and in between. The market also had some great looking strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries so I picked up a trio pack for $10. I wanted some avocados but I felt they were a little over priced for the quality at hand. Like I said, this market is not as big as others but it does offer your typical vendors such as produce, cheese, meats, clothing, jewelry, hot food items, and specialty item. There is street parking available and a dirt parking lot."

8. Mission Hills Farmer’s Market:   "Check out that tamale stand! I could live on those for months, 3 meals a day, baby.  Otherwise, a pretty small selection. But it's not a zoo like the other markets. No crazy lines. Lots of attention from the vendors."

9. Poway Farmers Market:  This farmers market is located in Poway, a suburban town up in the hills that gave me a total quaint mid western/wild west vibe as I got closer to vicinity where the market was hosted. It's so unique, and definitely a change from Hillcrest and Little Italy.  In my opinion, this market is a lot more family oriented and less hipster-y. If you want to experience a less hectic farmer market (with easy parking) and see tons of babies and doggies, this is the place. Plus your family can ride the train at the Old Poway Train station, which is always fun for the little ones. I ventured here by myself for the first time and definitely felt a little out of place. haha"

10. Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market:  "is one of the best in the region. It’s a place where people can get to know the farmers who grow their food and participate in the community centered around healthy living and healthy eating.   It’s  Enjoy live music from local artists as you explore the bounty of local produce grown in the fresh California air.Although this Farmers Market is smaller that some of the other ones in San Diego the atmosphere is amazing and all of the vendors are super friendly (not pushy at all.)"